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UTV Stereo

Polaris RZR 2019+ Vertical Amp/XTC Mount

Polaris RZR 2019+ Vertical Amp/XTC Mount

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Talk about a clean install! As the industry gets tougher to integrate with, we make it easier. Yes, there is limited space in the new RZR dash but that doesn't scare us. We designed this plate to either mount a power sports amplifier or some sweet XTC Power Products (our favorite btw). There are pre drilled mounting holes to add two of your favorite XTC components like the RZR Power Control System or the RZR Ride Command Turn Signal Kit.

Don't forget to check out the Triple Amp Mount and the Single Amp Mount. 

Hit the link for detailed instructions: Vertical Amp/XTC Mount Instructions 

This product will not work with UTV Stereo Special Edition Sub Box. The support piece where this mount is installed must be present in order to properly install the mount.

*Mounting screw included. Only works with new style RZR Dash

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